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Interior design tips for spring: Freshen a residence with changes

Fri, 03/09/2012 - 10:45

The coming of spring gives a homeowner time to redesign their residence, as new technology can be installed to freshen up a house along with adding value to the property.

This is a time when an individual can use the latest products to add value to their home, and the quicker the installation, the sooner that improvements can be made to the residence.

Homeowners may want to add a Warmboard radiant heating system to their residence prior to the spring months, as the technology will help to provide warmth at the end of winter. This product will also give them adequate time to prepare for the warmer months, as floor coverings and styles can be changed with ease.

Unlike other radiant heating systems, the Warmboard product allows them to install any type of flooring into their residence. If a hardwood floor is desired, the covering can be simply hammered onto the radiant heating panels, saving time and money for the homeowner.

This product will add to the comfort of the home and the ease of installation will allow for time to redesign the common areas of a residence for spring.

Color is a big consideration for spring months, and bright colors tend to be preferred by many interior designers, according to the Waukesha Patch.

"We are working with a lot of grays, creams and blacks with tangerine, lemon or lime green," one designer told the news source.

Hardwood floors are a common choice for these months, as the richness of texture and color for the coverings help to brighten up a room. It also compliments furniture that reflects the season, allowing for a homeowner to use a variety of orange, yellow and red items around their residence, according to the Patch.