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Interior design tips: Practical flooring trends

Thu, 03/01/2012 - 10:26

Although some homeowners may choose to use the latest colors and carpet types for their floors when designing a residence, designers and decorators have emphasized the use of more practical products and floor coverings for a new house, The Ottawa Citizen reported.

According to the news outlet, designers are now advising that function should come before aesthetics and that longevity should be favored over flashy color choices. Patricia Fox, a certified interior decorator, noted that homeowners should try to remember that many trends come and go, but an efficient product will always be in style.

"Some clients listen, others do not and may regret their decisions," Fox told the news source. She remembers an Eastern European gentleman who insisted on picking a terra-cotta tile and pink grouting for the entrance and kitchen floor in residence. "I convinced him not to go with pink grouting, but he really wanted the terra cotta. He may regret the choice."

According to the Citizen, Fox often has to steer her customers away from choosing a certain type of flooring, but notes that it is the products that people do not consider that she finds most troubling. Instead of picking something that may add value to their residence, they often go with something that catches their eye.

"Look for longevity in design and good proportions," she told the news source.

Homeowners may want to consider using products in their first-floor rooms that add value to their home, like a radiant heating system. While some of these products do not work with certain types of flooring, a Warmboard system operates in a way that allows an individual to go with any floor covering that they want.

A Warmboard radiant heating system uses highly conductive aluminum tubing, allowing the homeowner to use less energy to heat the water that flows through the system. This prevents the panels from heating the floor too high, preventing damage to the floor covering.