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Interior design: Tips for bachelor pads

Wed, 10/19/2011 - 09:32

Many bachelors struggle with outfitting their residence with the appropriate furnishings or constructing a pad that serves their needs.

There are several key interior design tips to create a comfortable and modern bachelor pad that range from furniture distribution to installing radiant heating.

The Chicago Tribune reported that many bachelors fail to choose the proper source for lighting, as they favor a darker residence than what many people are accustomed to. These individuals also occasionally neglect to put in a dining room table and chairs, a necessity for any formal dinners or receptions.

According to the news source, it is better for individuals who don't consider themselves a fashion guru to select neutral colors for each room to limit the incidence of clashing designs. Bachelors should also get real curtains and use real frames in order to improve the aesthetics of their residence and to present themselves in a classier light.

Bachelors may also want to install a radiant heating system to provide their guests with a comfortable warmth and eliminate the need for unsightly radiators and heating ducts.