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Inspired holiday interior design tips

Wed, 10/26/2011 - 09:49

Homeowners may want to adjust the design of their residence in order to maximize the holiday experience for all who enter their residence. 

Aside from offering their home to visitors, individuals may want to keep their residence as warm and as comfortable as possible, a combination that can be achieved through the use of a radiant heating system.

Working from the ground up, an individual may want to focus on their dining room, as this is the traditional gathering spot during the holidays.

Jill Valeri, owner of The Welcome Home: Interior Design Solutions, told the Baltimore Sun that capitalizing on warm autumnal tones can help to make the dining room more festive and comfortable.

"I don't believe in having a stiff and formal dining room because that's just not how we live and that's not how most people live," Valeri told the newspaper.

For each holiday a homeowner can pick out several festive items per room, and arrange them in a way that allows for a subtle recognition of the celebration, without appearing too snotty and traditional, according to the Sun.