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Increase space usability in a basement renovation with radiant heating

Thu, 11/29/2012 - 17:22

Homeowners looking to add more usable space to their home may want to consider looking into a basement renovation. Instead of increasing the square footage of a home, which can often get pricey, remodeling the basement will offer a more affordable solution.

According to CNN Money, the average basement remodel costs approximately $56,724. A homeowner can expect to recover about 78.8 percent of that sum or $44,685 upon selling the property within a year of the completed renovation. However, homeowners should be aware that the region their house is located in will have a significant impact on the value of the investment.

Paying attention to specific details of the project like the materials used and utility options is also crucial to the overall success of a basement renovation.

Because of common characteristics of basement spaces like moisture and chill, some components like heating and the correct flooring materials is crucial. The Chicago Tribune reports that vinyl or faux wood are exceptional flooring options. The two materials do not soak up moisture, which can lead to mold growth and rot.

The news source recommends adding radiant heating underneath the floors to make the space more comfortable and reduce chill. In addition to being exceptionally energy efficient, the solution is easy to install and may require less structural or utility changes than traditional heating options like forced hot air.

The lack of forced air movement will also decrease mold, dust and bacteria spread because radiant floor heating is a health-conscious technology that is respiratory friendly.