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Increase interior space with radiant floor heating

Wed, 02/27/2013 - 13:09

How often are you left redesigning a room because unsightly radiators or baseboard heating units are taking up space? It's an all too common problem in many homes across America. 
Just think, you've purchased a brand new cabinet or bookshelf and you're excited to place it against a particular wall in your home. However, as you move the unit into the space, you realize that the piece of furniture will not be able to back up against the wall or it's a bit too big to fit in the space between a heating unit and another wall. It's an annoying occurrence and sometimes it can result in a cluttered atmosphere in a room or an uneven traffic flow pattern. After all, you are leaving a lot of space unused because of a bulky heating unit. 
Skip all of the hassle and consider investing in radiant floor heating. This modern utility solution is placed underneath the floorboards of your home - so it's not taking up any valuable room! The heat delivering system is an ideal answer to warming a home that may not have a lot of square feet to spare. In addition, it can be installed underneath a wide variety of flooring options so you don't have to forgo hardwood floors or natural stone materials. The heat slowly radiates through the floor boards or flooring materials and slowly rises throughout the entire space. 
If you're interested in adding more features to the utility solution, you may also section off parts of the house in what is referred to as zones. Turn on the heat in one area of the house and leave another set at a lower temperature if people in that portion of the home prefer cooler temperatures or if no one is there to appreciate the heat.