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Include radiant floor heating in a bathroom remodel

Wed, 12/19/2012 - 07:27

The New Year is almost here and homeowners looking to improve the value of their home with a bathroom remodel may want to create a checklist of desirable features to ensure nothing is left out. Now is the ideal time to prepare for a more vibrant living space.

Turn a master bathroom into a sanctuary by adding both small and large luxurious into its design. For a full-scale remodel, a homeowner may want to consider adding a multi-jet steam shower that can fit more than one person. The additional jets will help a homeowner get clean and ready to meet every new day in style and comfort because of the added water pressure and resulting gentle massage.

Keep the comfort levels high in the bathroom by installing radiant floor heating to keep the space warm. A homeowner will find him or herself pleased to avoid the chill of stepping on a cold floor when he or she first gets out of bed and begins the morning routine to get ready for the day. The steady levels of warmth pumping from beneath the flooring with rise throughout the room and keep the temperature at a comfortable level, void of extreme cold or heat fluctuations.

Radiant heating isn't just a luxury - the utility system is also energy efficient and can help a homeowner reduce his or her heating bills.

Create an atmosphere of indulgence and luxury in the master bathroom with these and other fine amenities in the space. Customizing the area will allow a person to relax and take in the moment in his or her own bathroom, instead of having to book an expensive day at the spa.