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The importance of flooring in a home

Thu, 12/29/2011 - 10:41

Although some homeowners may view their floor as something that is there to simply be walked on, the type of flooring and the quality of the product can have a profound impact on the value of their residence, according to Multi-Housing News.

There is an abundance of choice when it comes to flooring, as the options can include color, material and even what is placed underneath.

If a home installs a subfloor radiant heating system, the homeowner can add value and choose any type of flooring that they feel will fit their house. This product is something that many real estate agents will focus on and pitch to a potential buyer.

"While (a floor) does not necessarily need to be replaced at each turn, the condition of the flooring in an apartment can make or break a prospect’s decision to rent. To that end, managers should ensure that carpeting is stain-free and freshly vacuumed, while hardwood flooring should be freshly sanded and stained," Multi-Housing News noted.

Homeowners should remember that they may need to increase the value of their home, and this may necessitate installing the right type of heating technology under an attractive floor covering. Hardwood floors are a popular choice in the current market, according to the news source, and this product could be a make or break for a potential buyer.

A radiant heating system is valuable due to the effectiveness of the product. It can help to evenly distribute warmth around a home, limit the total energy consumption of a residence and help to limit the presence of airborne contaminants that are generated by traditional heaters.

The radiant technology is easy to advertise, as a prospective homeowner will be amazed at the level of comfort they feel as the heat radiates up from a warm floor.