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How to keep a green residence while adding modern luxury

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 11:23

Many homeowners around the country are adding green technology to their residences without sacrificing style and luxury, as new innovative products and designs can help to combine the two goals for many individuals.

A radiant heating system is an example of this type of technology. This system can work to provide a comfortable warmth within a home without contributing to carbon emissions or influencing the style of a residence in any way.

This type of technology allows for an owner to install any type of flooring, as the radiant system is part of a subfloor that can be put under materials ranging from oak wood to bamboo. This differs from other radiant technologies that do not come as part of a subfloor and require the homeowner to use concrete.

Along with not having to eliminate flooring options, homeowners can remove unsightly heating vents, air ducts and radiators due to the fact that radiant systems do not use these products.

The technology also limits the environmental impact, as the technology is so effective that it requires less energy to run and maintain a comfortable temperature, due to even heat distribution and a lack of parasitic heat loss.

The Monterey County Herald reported that the materials that are used in making a home can also help contribute to the lack of heat loss. Thick and enduring walls and insulation can limit the amount of air that is let in a house, and prevent warmer currents from escaping.

According to the news source, the combination of the radiant heating and effectively insulated walls help to make larger houses achieve the energy efficiency that would exist for a much smaller structure.

"The cost you pay for electricity for this house is about the same as a conventional three-bedroom home ... It really pays off in the long run," a real estate agent told the Herald.