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Housing trends: Highlights from wood flooring convention

Tue, 09/11/2012 - 15:04

An increased attendance at this year's National Wood Flooring Association Convention highlights the growing use of the floor covering in homes across the U.S., and the potential for people who are investing in the material for their residence.
According to Floor Daily, the material is becoming increasingly popular due to the move back to traditional products for residences and offices by many homeowners and building owners. These surfaces are often durable, classy and easier to maintain than other products.
There were many regions that were represented at the convention, each displaying the trees and wood types that were specific to the given area.
According to the news outlet, the high number of booths - the 2012 show saw 100 more booths than the previous year - was matched only by the increased attendance, and people from all over came to learn about the specific type of flooring.
However, the one issue with these surfaces deals with the ability of wood products to withstand high levels of heat, especially for homes that rely on the use of a radiant heating system.
Some systems require a heat that is much too warm for hardwood flooring, causing the material to warp and leaving a lasting mark on the surface.
Warmboard offers these individuals a chance to use both products, however, as the product doesn't require the same level of heat as its competitors products.
Warmboard radiant heating systems operate at much lower temperatures due to the use of highly conductive aluminum in the paneling, requiring less energy and heat to provide a sufficient level of warmth. This is why the product works with any type of covering, and hardwood can even be installed by hammering the material onto the paneling.