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Homeowners increasingly looking to renovate, not move

Wed, 08/01/2012 - 15:47

While the younger crowd and renters may prefer to hop from one location to another in order to upgrade their living situation, more established people are beginning to prefer significant renovations and retrofits to moving their family from place to place.
According to Atlanta In Town, the real estate market is beginning to reflect this shift, as homeowners are readily accommodated by designers and agents who specify in renovation projects.
The focus of these families is on quality, sustainability and comfort, according to the news outlet, and though these are not new factors for homeowners, increasingly available capital is leading to larger and more encompassing investments in new technology and products.
"Quality never goes out of style," designer Beth Fore told In Town. "We do things like whole house renovations, master suite additions or adding on to existing homes. Our clients love their homes’ locations and want to make the most of what they have."
Flooring is often one of the first things that homeowners look to change, as this specific sector within housing tends to shift more frequently than others. New materials are all the rave each spring, and trendy individuals want their abode to reflect that they have knowledge of what is hot in the industry.
Regardless of the flooring type, be it fragile and classic hardwood or new and sustainable laminate covering, a homeowner may want to invest in a subfloor radiant heating system during the remodeling process.
Not only does a radiant heating system add value to a home, but it helps to surprise and impress visitors due to the comfort that such a product provides. Comfort, like quality, is never out of style, and making the switch is easier than one would think.