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Home made of shipping containers wows

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 16:19

One couple from Williamsburg, New York, is making headlines with their unusual taste in structures. DNAinfo reports that David Boyle and his wife Michelle Bertomen were concerned that they would never be able to afford real estate prices in their home neighborhood of Brooklyn. So, the couple bought a plot of land in 2008 that is about 20 x 40 feet in the hopes that they would be able to afford to build sometime in the future and to avoid getting shut out of Williamsburg. 
It took some time, but soon the couple had a wonderful, unique idea about how they could afford to own a home in one of the most expensive cities in America. 
"We were just sitting around one night, bottle of wine, just feeling like we couldn't do it," said Boyle, a 55-year-old contractor whose wife is an architect. "And then just, 'How about shipping containers?' came up. So Michelle just sat down and did the calculations, in the terms of the size, fire ratings, how you can stack them up… And she said it would work."
The news source reports that David and Michelle purchased six shipping containers at $1,500 a piece. As an architect, Michelle was about to design a home using three containers stacked on top of each other and a stairwell that connected them in the middle. By 2009, there was a 1,600-square foot structure erected in about three hours.
To make the space livable, radiant floor heating was installed throughout. The eco-friendly technology allows for the couple to maintain a nice, warm space that doesn't feel cold despite the obvious metal exterior and interior decals. It is both an affordable technology and a luxury feature.