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Home design inspired by Wright includes radiant floor heating

Tue, 09/17/2013 - 19:26

One development company in Arizona is making a name for itself by providing modern homeowners access to structures built in a style made popular by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The Star Phoenix reported that the craftsman-styled home in an executive two-bedroom, 1647-square-foot bungalow style is gaining popularity because of its many amenities.
Arbutus Properties is making the design available to homebuyers who wish to live in a space that has the architectural details often used in Wright homes, such as crown moldings, nine-inch baseboards and wainscotting in bathrooms and radiant floor heating
"The Wright, or 223 Pritchard Terrace, is named after the architect Frank Lloyd Wright," said real estate expert Samantha Kincade. "He designed some of the best homes of the Craftsman period and is referred to as 'the greatest American architect of all times.'"
According to the news source, the features and characteristics used by Wright in his homes are very popular still today because they add both charm to a property and sustainability. Wright was focused on improving the durability and efficiency of his structures, while also promoting comfort.
"Using architectural lines, proportions, attention to detail whilst respecting for the way people really live, we have created a home that draws on great architecture and interior design, in an attractive price range," said Kincade, according to the news source. "With the Wright we feel that we've proven that great homes don't have to be expensive." 
A radiant floor heating system became a staple feature in any of Wright's buildings after he experienced the technology while traveling in Asia. The superior comfort the technology provided and clean, modern lines an interior design could achieve without more traditional systems, made radiant floor heating the best option in his mind.