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Have you considered concrete floors?

Wed, 03/27/2013 - 16:35

If a homeowner is looking for a reliable and durable flooring material, he or she may be surprised to learn that concrete is a viable option. The flooring material is not typically found in kitchens and living spaces, but it offers even more benefits that traditional options and doesn't have to be cold and unattractive.
According to the Concrete Network, the material has thermal properties, which give concrete the ability to store and radiate heat. By installing radiant floor heating underneath the flooring material, a homeowner can increase the sustainability of his or her home and ensure that the floors are warm to the touch. Because concrete soaks up warmth and radiates it outward for hours after initially being heated, it is an ideal solution for cooler climates. However, homeowners who experience hot summers can also enjoy the benefits of concrete because the material becomes cool to the touch and helps control the temperature of the home.
Concrete can be made to look warm and inviting with the right stains and decorative concrete can add visual elements to any property. Decorative concrete can take on a number of colors and with a few additives and polishing it can become as shiny as marble or granite floors.
Unlike other materials, however, it is easy to add an invisible nonslip additive to the compound as it is mixed to provide a person more traction if the floor gets wet. This is especially helpful for rooms like the kitchen or bathroom, which have an increased chance of water landing on the floor.
When combining concrete floors with the right technology - like radiant floor heating - a homeowner can benefit in multiple ways.