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Green flooring options for concerned consumers

Thu, 07/26/2012 - 15:36

Consumers who are worried about the impact that they will have on the environment may want to consider eco-friendly flooring options for their homes, as specific products that are made out of recycled material may have less of a negative impact than other offerings.
According to Wood Working Network, the type of flooring that is used can have a surprising impact on how eco-friendly a home is, as engineered wood products tend to be made of materials that are less harmful to the environment.
These floor types also give a room a certain feeling of being connected with nature, as the wood brings many homeowners a feeling that they are closer to the outdoors than other products like laminate or tile flooring.
The manner in which the floor covering is manufactured is also important to the total environmental impact of the product, as certain handmade options are much less detrimental than those that are produced in an assembly-line type setting.
Flooring can also be more green if the homeowner chooses to install a radiant heating system below the surface of the floor.
When installed as a subfloor, radiant heating systems can provide warmth to a residence while also limiting the environmental impact of the entire residence.
The type of flooring that is used may not be compatible with some radiant heating products, as inefficient systems may require water temperatures that can damage wooden surfaces.
A Warmboard radiant heating system works well with all flooring types, as its efficient design allows it to provide heat at a much lower water temperature than its competitors. This prevents it from damaging the floor, while limiting the energy consumption of a residence.