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Going green with interior design

Fri, 04/06/2012 - 08:59

Homeowners today are increasingly interested in maximizing the use of green design and sustainable products throughout their residence, as the market for energy efficient upgrades to a home is expanding.

The Ballwin-Ellisville Patch reported that many people choose technology that is energy efficient for several reasons, as they initially are attracted by the green nature of the product but then notice that they are also pleased with its aesthetic qualities.
According to the news outlet, green or sustainable window treatments offer a way for homeowners to outfit their residence with a quality product that provides expansive views, allows for more sunlight to come into a home and also helps to reduce heating and cooling costs.

The dual function of the product helps to provide maximum value for a family, because other benefits exist such as "blocking out the sun’s harmful UV rays will prevent damage to furniture, flooring and other belongings which also help to reduce consumption of other replacement items," according to a local designer.

This type of value is brought to a residence by the installation of products like a radiant heating system. Technology like this allows for a maximum delivery of heat, but also helps to limit the total energy consumption for a family.

Certain radiant products function better than others, and the unique design of a Warmboard radiant heating system allows it to outperform its competitors.

A Warmboard radiant heating system maximizes on the efficiency of radiant technology, as its highly-conductive aluminum tubing helps to deliver a sufficient level of heat to a residence without requiring high water temperatures for its paneling. This helps to reduce the amount of energy that is required to run the system, lowering the electricity costs for a family.