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Going green to improve family health: Installing radiant heating and other technologies

Tue, 08/07/2012 - 16:17

There is an increased number of people that are making green investments for their home and there are myriad reasons for why they are making these upgrades. While some homeowners are looking to cut costs or consumption, others are simply looking to provide their family with a safer atmosphere.
According to Greener Ideals, allergens are not only located outside, many of these potentially harmful materials can be found inside of a residence. Dust and mold are often present in many homes, especially older structures that have ancient and aged technology that contributes to the problem.
Flooring can be a big issue, as bulky carpets can store and trap dust and other negative particles, and tearing these up in favor of a more modern surface or covering will help to eliminate some of the indoor pollution.
"If you have carpet throughout the home, consider replacing it with a surface that won’t trap allergens. Hardwoods, laminate, tile, and even bamboo flooring are all great alternatives," Rick Mercado, an industry expert, told the news outlet.
Older heating systems can present these same problems to a homeowner, and pollutants and allergens are circulated by radiators, heating ducts and air vents that are required to run these outdated products.
Homeowners may want to consider fixing both problems at once, as installing a radiant heating system can help to eliminate a number of the contaminants, and the type of flooring that is put over this technology can vary in effectiveness, but it will be better than carpeting.
Radiant heating systems do not require the use of bulky fixtures, run cleanly and efficiently and can also help to limit energy costs and consumption.