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Get the rustic look with slate floors

Fri, 12/07/2012 - 18:13

Despite the numerous composites that have entered the market and the passing of trends, slate floors have remained a consistent choice for homeowners and builders. Slate tiles are durable and come in a wide range of color choices, which offers homeowners the opportunity to select a hue and finish that best complements his or her style.
Instead of the smooth polished look of many stone flooring options, slate offers homeowners the ability to feel and see the different textures of the natural element, which can provide a décor a more rustic feel. No two tiles are exactly the same and that allows a floor to become a focal point and adds an earthy quality to the design of a room.
In a kitchen, slate tiles can combine with even modern or traditional décor with ease. The stone flooring highlights color contrasts, mimics the shine of glass and appliances and gives a more natural element to the room. Homeowners often like to install slate floors in the kitchen area because of their high durability and the level of traffic usually experienced in that room.
However, certain things must be considered before a homeowner selects slate. First, the stone can often get chilled and stay that way for an extended time. To increase comfort a homeowner may want to have radiant floor heating installed. The warming option is energy efficient and can gently warm the slate floors and the entire room without the ugly appearance of vents or baseboards marring the sleek flooring material.
Selecting the right utility option with slate flooring can boost the value of a home as people discover the wonderful comfort radiant floor heating can deliver with the traditional flooring option.