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Frank Lloyd Wright invents the modern radiant floor heating system

Mon, 03/11/2013 - 12:03

Architect Frank Lloyd Wright embraced change and thrived on incorporating the new technologies being developed during the Industrial Revolution into his designs. According to the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, Wright focused on creating buildings that nourished and provided shelter to those that lived and worked within them. As a result, he often worked to incorporate a number of systems, matters and designs into his buildings that would promote comfort. 
For example, Frank Lloyd Wright brought radiant floor heating from Asia to American homes. As a champion of what he referred to as "organic architecture" Wright tried to incorporate technologies that would boost the natural flow and luxury of a space. As a long-time fan of Japanese culture, Wright took on the project of building a grand hotel, The Tokyo Imperial Hotel, according to Ideal Heating. While there for the project, he stayed at a Japanese nobleman's house and discovered a tea room that took on the design features of a Korean Ondol room. The tea room's floor was covered in yellow paper and warm to the touch. 
The comfort derived from the warm radiant from the floor was so great that Wright designed a hybrid technology that would allow hot water to travel through pipes instead of hot air running through flues, which is a lot harder to maintain. Wright designed the first radiant floor heating system for the Japanese hotel, and later brought this system to America. 
Today, radiant floor heating is an exceptionally energy-efficient heating option for both residential and commercial property owners. Wright brought the technology to the U.S. and here it has thrived as homeowners look to incorporate a system that provides comfort.