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"Florida" home gets transformed with old world charm

Tue, 11/13/2012 - 22:08

Some home styles are often associated with a region. However, what is a homeowner to do when the location of a property fits, but the design of a home isn't to his or her taste?
One potential solution is to transform the property with an intensive remodeling project. The News Leader reports the homeowner Dwayne Holden shares a house with Beth Yarbrough in Missouri, and while the property had many of the details the pair wanted, the style was a bit too "Florida" for their taste.
"We wanted to change from the Floridian to a more Old World, homey look," Beth told the news source.
As a result, the couple spent the next three years remodeling the space so that the features they did enjoy about the home were combined with an interior design they could also feel comfortable with.
Now, the soaring ceilings, ample entertainment space, view of the 18th hole and golf clubhouse and radiant heat system Holden and Yarbrough loved are joined with antique European chandeliers, ceiling murals and aged wood detailing. According to the news source, the recent finishes on the renovations have made the homeowners enjoy their Florida home.
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