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Flooring trends for the cost-conscious

Thu, 08/16/2012 - 14:05

The flooring industry is constantly changing, as like the top styles in many areas of fashion, there is intense competition between the top talent and consumers often have trouble keeping up with the latest trends.
This is why many people spend a lot of their home improvement budget on installing new types of flooring, as each covering that is used may last for only a year before something else comes along and is known as the "hot style" for the year.
People who are interested in the latest technology for flooring should look to outfit their residence with a Warmboard radiant heating system. This technology not only impresses guest and visitors alike with the high level of comfort that is provided, but it also helps to accommodate any switches to what is the most trendy type of covering.
Warmboard radiant heating systems are installed as part of a subfloor, which allows for the maximum efficiency of the delivery of heat, while also helping to serve as an easy installation device for the latest coverings.
Homeowners can simply change their coverings by placing the new style right over the radiant heating system, which is so efficient that it does not require high water temperatures. Some products require the water being pumped through the tubing to be put at an especially high temperature, damaging the flooring and making any designers job much more difficult.
This way, homeowners can keep up with the latest style changes, such as European oak hardwood floors, according to Homes and Property. This coverting can be nailed directly to the top of the subfloor, easing installation and making the entire process more enjoyable for the homeowner.