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Flooring trends change quickly for homeowners

Wed, 03/14/2012 - 11:53

The world of flooring is something that is constantly changing, as many people who buy the latest and trendiest type of covering for their residence are often disappointed when they learn of a new hot style just weeks after they install it. The St. Albert Leader reported that the change in what is "in" can occur from one season to the next.

According to the news source, the changing nature of the industry gives many homeowners a headache, and the cost of keeping current is too much for a majority of people who own their residence.

"When I first started, 90 percent of the jobs we did in houses were carpet, and 10 percent were sheet vinyl flooring and lino," a flooring expert told the Leader. "There are way more products being introduced now. For years, we sold lino and carpet, and then over time, laminate came over from Europe and it became popular in North America, and then hardwood made a comeback."

This makes it especially difficult for homeowners who are looking to install a radiant heating system, as most products are unable to accommodate new flooring types and installation is difficult.

However, one radiant heating system is able to adjust to all flooring types, due to its unique design.

A Warmboard radiant heating system is designed in a way that maximizes the efficiency of the product, as its highly-conductive aluminum tubing is thin and fits into a thin panel that is installed as part of a subfloor.

This thin paneling allows the Warmboard system to be installed under any type of flooring, and it is so easy to use that a homeowner can simply hammer a hardwood floor on top of the system. This makes changing coverings and adhering to the latest styles simple for any owner of a residence.