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Flooring tips, choosing the right type of wood

Fri, 09/02/2011 - 09:50

According to Chesapeake Home and Living, wood is, without a doubt, one of the more desirable residential flooring materials that exists, as homeowners and architects have emphasized the importance of this product.

Wood tends to be a hard, sturdy surface that can resist spills, stains and surface scratching if the material is effectively installed. Along with the practical reasons for why the type of flooring is sought after by homeowners, it comes in a variety of types and shades for every house, reported the news source.

"Popular species include Brazillian cherry (or jatoba), Santos mahogany (cabreuva), and Brazillian teak (cumaru)," Bob Logan, owner of Baltimore Flooring Supply, told the news source. "The benefit of tropical species is the superior hardness, color, and grain configuration. Seemingly every tropical species we sell is considerably harder than most domestic species."

The range in the various types of wood can allow homeowners to choose the color that they need for their house, Chesapeake Home and Living reported.

Keeping with the aesthetic and practical theme for flooring, radiant heating systems can be installed with wood floors with ease, and can provide the owner with a source of warmth that won't detract from the look of the home, due to the lack of radiators and air ducts that are necessary for the technology.