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Flooring options for a high traffic home during winter months

Wed, 11/02/2011 - 09:54

Home flooring options can be plentiful and the number of choices that homeowners have can be overwhelming. While some may prefer style and aesthetics over practicality, there is a significant amount of thought that must go into the choosing of surfaces and materials.

Installation costs are often considered by homeowners, as new technology like a radiant heating system as part of a subfloor can entice individuals due to the ease with which it can be put in and the effective heat that is provided. Any type of flooring can be placed above this system, due to the nature of the products.

According to the ARA, materials like laminate are perfect for people that want to eliminate the high costs of installation while also providing a high-density core that will offer a significant amount of stability.

The news source reported that the best laminates combine both brawn and beauty, as there are modern looks that are available ranging from rustic oak to rich cherries. Higher-end choices will provide a professional level of protection against wear, tear, fading and stains.

"Laminate always has been an ideal choice for homeowners seeking the best in both performance and realistic good looks," David Hartman, vice president of sales for Pergo, told ARA. "However, the latest generation of laminate flooring features innovations that take beauty and durability to a whole new level and deliver the ultimate floor for today's high traffic homes."

These floors can be installed easily, and can be put over the subfloor radiant heating system that can add an effective source of warmth to a residence.

The Chicago Daily Herald reported that oak laminate flooring is popular due to the fact that it has a rustic look and can provide a homeowner with the appearance of wood floors.