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Flooring options that add value to a home

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 10:40

There are many ways that a homeowner can increase the value of their residence. Although many of these require a significant investment of money and time, some changes, like installing new flooring, are an easy way to add to a property.

Homeowners should examine the best flooring trends to determine what would add the most value to their house. A combination of a specific type of floor and a radiant heating system could maximize the worth of a residence.

A radiant heating system works under any type of flooring, as it is installed as part of a subfloor beneath the surface. This helps give a consumer more choices for the type of floor that they want to use, as other products are not compatible with all coverings.

This type of heating system adds value to a residence, due to the level of comfort that it provides and the long-term savings that are generated by the use of less energy to supply a residence with an appropriate amount of heat.

A hardwood floor would help to increase the value of a home due to the unique nature of the wood and the varied designs that can be used.

Pam Whittlesey, co-owner of J.B. Woodward Floors in Riverside, told Floor Daily, "A hardwood floor is like art. It is a completely unique floor. Hardwood flooring adds warmth to a home."

Whittlesey noted that consumers often prefer flooring that they view as "real" as opposed to flooring that is heavily fabricated or synthesized. The use of hardwood adds to the aesthetic value of the home, and gives off a warm feeling, due to the positive memories many people have with cabins and older houses.