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Farmhouse retrofitted with radiant floor heating during remodel

Tue, 01/15/2013 - 22:02

A remodeling professional in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, has taken charge of a refinishing a small country farmhouse. The quaint home is a circa-1900 farmhouse that was 2,300 square feet when it was originally purchased by the owners Dr. Shaka Monroe and his wife Jennifer. The Lancaster New Era News reports that after remodeling efforts by Dutch Quality, the home is now approximately 10,000 square feet.

The construction company has been honored for its efforts and talents by winning two Remodelers Awards of Excellence in the 2012 contest sponsored by the Building Industry Association of Lancaster County's Remodelers Council, according to the news source. The quality additions, modern design materials and eco-friendly technologies included in the home are what set it apart from other projects.

According to the news source, the property is still under construction, however, the house now includes an indoor pool. The pool room is outfitted with a pebble-stone floor, a dehumidification system, a spa, a changing room, refreshment area and radiant floor heating. Regardless of what time of year it is, the homeowners may entertain guests and swim to their hearts' content.

Radiant floor heating is the ideal temperature control system for an indoor pool space. The technology can be installed underneath a wide variety of floor materials and will work in tandem with the dehumidifying system required for an indoor pool room. In addition, the heating technology will limit the circulation of common allergens like mold and dust, which could cause problems or become a breeding ground for bacteria in a wet environment like an indoor pool space.

Homeowners considering an indoor pool space might want to outfit the room with radiant floor heating.