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Explore alternative heating solutions when updating a home

Mon, 08/05/2013 - 08:32

Across the nation, homeowners are looking to increase the value of their properties as the housing market continues its trek toward recovery. Certain rooms and improvements have a greater impact on the value of a property, which is why it is important for an individual to consider the primary goal of the renovation. Some people are simply looking to increase the value of the home, while others are more interested in making a space fit for their life style. 
According to Remodeling Magazine, the average cost of a major kitchen repair in the nation is $53,931. If someone was to sell that kitchen within 10 years of the remodeling job, he or she would recoup the loss by $37,139 or 68.9 percent. Kitchens have some of the largest returns on investment and are focal points in any home. As a result, many homeowners try and redo this area of the house with high-quality finishes. 
Some of the most popular finishes to include in a kitchen include custom cabinetry, an island, double sinks, granite countertops and radiant floor heating. The artful combination of all of these features boosts the look and feel of a home, increases the value of the property and improves the comfort someone will feel in the space. Radiant floor heating systems have grown in popularity in kitchens because these rooms are where many homeowners, friends and families spend their time. The presence of warmth flowing up from under the floorboards can increase the feeling of comfort everyone has and ensures that there is no space left chilled in the room. 
A homeowner remodeling his or her house will also realize that the technology is eco-friendly and will support a reduction in operational costs.