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Examining the latest flooring trends

Wed, 07/27/2011 - 08:28

Choosing the correct method for flooring can truly affect the aesthetics and cost of a room or house, as the variety of kinds that exist may not all prove to be equally valuable. There are several green options for flooring, which could serve to improve the quality of a residence, according to Consumer Reports.

Bamboo flooring is green and durable, and as of recently, does not have to hold the original appearance of the material. New improvements for the surface have allowed homeowners to choose a finish that gives off the look of aged wood, the news source reported.

This new Bamboo flooring fared well compared to competitors that do not feature many of the same options, including the new use of designs like the aged wood and distressed wood versions that are now offered, reported Consumer Reports.

Green options like Bamboo flooring can work with other eco-friendly technologies to improve the sustainability and aesthetic value of a house. This type of surface can be used to cover a radiant floor heating system, which will allow homeowners to use the aged-wood covering while providing warmth throughout the residence.