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Elegant and green flooring choices for a residence

Fri, 04/20/2012 - 09:22

The coming of spring has led many homeowners to redesign their residences and add new materials to help accommodate the warmer months. Flooring options are one way that people choose to remodel their house, and green and elegant options for coverings are currently trending in the market, The Chronicle Herald reported.

According to the news outlet, there are three options for homeowners that are simple, long-lasting and good for the environment. Bamboo, cork and engineered wood are all hard-surface floors that make sense in a variety of residences.

Of these three choices, engineered hardwood is the most popular on the market during the spring season. Because of the manner in which it is made, the floor covering helps to reduce the overall cost of installation and increases the stability of a surface, especially when compared to solid hardwoods, according to the Chronicle.

The news source reported that this option will also not affect radiant heating systems that are installed under the floor, as the engineered hardwood will not warp due to the material it is made with. Other floor coverings may be affected, due to the high water temperatures that some radiant systems require.

Unlike its competitors' products, a Warmboard radiant heating system does not damage flooring, no matter how sensitive the material is to heat. This is because the system operates using water that is lower in temperature, due to the highly conductive tubing that is used.

Because the temperature of the water is not as high, the flooring will not be affected by a Warmboard radiant heating system. Along with the money that is saved because the flooring does not need to be replaced, it helps to reduce energy costs because of its efficiency.