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Designers incorporate radiant heating in mudrooms

Thu, 11/29/2012 - 08:21

As the name suggests, a mudroom is a place in a home where mud and dirt gets taken care of before people track those materials throughout the rest of a home. An artfully designed room can transform this relatively simple space into one of the most important rooms in a house. For particularly active households with children or dogs, this room acts as a form of barrier and allows adults to carefully supervise a quick cleansing or removal of dirty outerwear that can transport dirt and grime into a home.

An ideal mudroom contains a stool or bench that can be used to sit on while removing or putting on shoes, in addition to a corresponding shoe rack so that the footwear can dry or remain until needed again. Because people are taking their shoes off in this space, installing radiant heating flooring is ideal in this room. The cool floor, due to the room's location near the door to the outdoors, can cause discomfort and make people rush the removal of dirt and mud from their person. Consequently, that excess dirt and sand will find itself tracked throughout the home - rendering the mudroom a less efficient room than intended.

In addition, the energy efficient heating option will not allow as much warmth to escape to the outdoors like a traditional heating option like forced hot air. Homeowners looking to reduce the energy they waste cleaning up after dirt tracked into their house most likely would like to decrease the energy they use to heat their home.

Let the mudroom serve as a key space in the home by outfitting it with the features it needs to better serve the household.