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Designer renovates cottage home

Mon, 12/31/2012 - 17:40

Beverley Robinson and her husband have focused their attention on making a beautiful home for themselves and their family. After moving into their Mill Bay residence, Beverley began making plans to renovate the space and turn it into a home.

The Times Colonist reports that intricate carvings are placed around the home in spaces like the mantel. Other design features include a chandelier in the foyer and other elegant touches.

"We lived for 2 1/2 years in a 1927 cabin while the house was being built, and my sister Barb and I did our magic. We tore up carpets, painted floors, painted everything actually. It was very rustic, lots of termites, bees, rats, but it was fun," Beverley told the news source.
Beverely Robinson believes her talent for interior design is a genetic trait in her family.

"My sister and I grew up with a very talented mother. We got the knack from her," Beverley told the news source. "It’s in our genes. My sister, nieces, daughters - we’re all the same."
Beverley and her husband focused on incorporating a mix of styles and technologies into the design of the home so that is remained a sustainable and livable space. The rustic carvings are placed by modern, sleek-lined furniture and contemporary color schemes. In addition, underneath the wood floors lies a radiant heating system.
The energy-efficient technology was put in place to increase the comfort the family felt while residing in the space. Radiant floor heating can easily keep a room warm, without it becoming dry and stuffy like traditionally solutions like forced hot air.