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Creating a bathroom sanctuary for cold winter months

Wed, 01/11/2012 - 10:23

The winter months can be difficult for families to endure, as cold weather means high heating costs and bundling up to protect from the chill. However, there are several things that a homeowner can do to create a sanctuary in their residence for the coldest season.

According to an article in the Powder Springs- Lithia Springs Patch, the new year can be a perfect time for homeowners to remodel and create a comfortable bathroom in their home. New baths, heating systems and fixtures can help to bring out warmth in this room, providing a refrain from the cold winter weather.

Instead of relying on long, hot showers to warm up the entire family, using a more efficient heating system can help to limit the amount of time that individuals spend under warm water. A radiant heating system allows for maximum comfort and efficiency, while also providing a warm surface to walk on.

Baths and showers can be also be redesigned, as more efficient fixtures can also help to limit the waste that is generated by outdated technology.

"After the holidays, people are ready to remodel their baths," Harry Bataille of Bateille’s Plumbing on New Macland Road in Powder Springs, told the Patch. "Many customers are putting in separate showers, reconfiguring their baths to expand and get more space."

While many people would like a completely new home instead of just one room, the economy hasn't provided people with that opportunity. A more practical move seems to be small alterations to the existing house.

"They’re enlarging their showers, they’re putting in prettier tile, they’re replacing standard bathtubs with soaking tubs that they’ll actually use," Cheryl Draa, a local interior store owner, told the news source.