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Create an effective mudroom

Thu, 03/28/2013 - 07:41

Winter is almost over - even if Punxsutawney Phil somewhat got the date wrong for most of the U.S. - and you know that that means. Spring is upon us and all of the dirt, mud and sand that comes with it. As the snow melts and the rain showers begin, it's almost impossible to keep a home clean with everyone tracking dirt and grime in - unless you have a mudroom.
A mudroom is one of those unique spaces that you may not immediately consider important, but if designed effectively, it can save you considerable cleaning time and make your home nice and tidy. A mudroom is often outfitted with a durable floor that can take daily wear and tear and keep on ticking. Install radiant floor heating to increase space, decrease dirt and dust collecting around vents or radiators and improve the comfort someone feels when they first step into the house.
In addition, radiant floor heating is highly effective at filling a room with heat and takes less energy to do so than traditional utility options. Because a mudroom is located next to the primary exit of your house, the systems ability to immediately replace any heat lost when doors open is an ideal feature. 
Storage is also a premium quality and space must be effectively managed to provide you with the most effective design. Make sure to include easy to reach hooks, baskets and containers in the room. Remember, if it isn't easy for you or others to get to, people aren't going to properly use the space and it will become cluttered and a mess. 
Design an effective mudroom remembering these tips and tricks.