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Cozy bathroom ideas for homeowners

Tue, 12/20/2011 - 11:15

Cold winter months can cause discomfort throughout a residence, but the worst feeling may come when an individual enters a bathroom and feels the pain of a cold floor.

It might be difficult to find individuals who consider the bathroom their favorite place in their house, but with the right additions this area can soon become a place to relax and enjoy modern comforts like in-floor radiant heating.

According to The Coloradoan, many people dislike their bathroom due to the presence of cold floor tiles, metal fixtures and porcelain surfaces. This room can get extremely cold because of these products, especially during the winter months.

The news source reported that it is imperative for homeowners to winterize the space prior to making any other additions. Windows need to be sealed and the addition of caulk to any cracks can help to limit parasitic heat loss.

The Coloradoan reported that adding the right source of heat is a decision that many homeowners struggle with.

"To avoid the arctic chill that hits most of us as we step out of the shower and onto a freezing floor, consider installing a heated floor system," the columnists noted.

A heated floor can also eliminate the need for expensive rugs and blinds that help to provide warmth. This technology can quickly warm an entire bathroom and help to ease the pain of a cold winter morning.

A radiant heating system can be placed under any flooring type, as it can be installed as part of a subfloor. This allows a homeowner to keep a sense of fashion when designing or remodeling this room. Tiles and stone can be used and will no longer chill the feet of people entering the room.