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Condo conversions in downtown New York focus on comfort

Tue, 12/18/2012 - 07:18

Downtown New York is getting a makeover. The Wall Street Journal reports that recent property sales in the community are changing the way New York real estate elite are viewing downtown living.

Until fall 2012, the record for a downtown condo was for a concrete penthouse offering oodles of space at $31.5 million. However, the recent sale of an industrial loft and the minimalist "glass box" condo tower has shown there is new demand for elaborately furnished condos in the downtown area – especially if the architecture and style is reminiscent of the prewar apartments found on the Upper East Side.

For example, in September 2012, a $42 million penthouse went under contract at a former Salvation Army women's hotel at 18 Gramercy Park. The news source claims that the structure will soon get redesigned by Robert A.M. Stern, the architect behind the luxury developments like 15 Central Park West.

These new downtown condos are offering new amenities in order to attract buyers who expect luxury and are accustom to paying for it. One feature that is particularly charming is radiant floor heating. The traditionally unexpected option is uncharacteristic for downtown New York properties. However, as more people seek out the feature, architects and developers are beginning to incorporate the energy-efficient technology.

Not only can radiant floor heating reduce heat loss and promote sustainable warmth levels without requiring a lot of energy, but it can be easily incorporated in a wide variety of building designs – ideal for both the modern and antique structures found in the downtown area. In addition, the comfort of radiant heating is superb and offers homeowners the ability to remain enveloped in warmth.