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Company offers delivery of flooring products to New York residents

Thu, 02/16/2012 - 10:28

Homeowners in New York are able to purchase flooring products online from an independent company that will ship the items to their house where they can easily install a new floor, according to the Albany Times Union.

This type of easy access to flooring products is rare, but homeowners can select the specific options that they want online and wait for the product to be shipped to their residence.

Homeowners who have recently installed or want to install a Warmboard radiant heating system will be able to place the flooring over the paneling on the heating system by themselves, something that is not possible for other types of radiant heating products.

This unique option for Warmboard is available due to the efficient nature of the product. The paneling is thinner than that made by other companies, as the aluminum tubing that is used helps to limit the size of the product. This allows for both maximum delivery of heat, but also an easy adherence to the latest flooring styles.

A hardwood floor can be simply nailed to the Warmboard radiant heating panels, something that is not available for its competitors. New York residents would be able to order this flooring online, and simply install it on top of their efficient radiant heating system.

The Times Union reported that a homeowner can scroll through the site to find the specific type of hardwood that they would want, and use the many sizing tools that are available to help them choose the right fit for their residence. This eliminates the middle man, and saves a family money.

The news source reported that this option helps to get the latest trending products at a moment's notice. A Warmboard radiant heating system helps for this, as a person can nail the new flooring to the radiant panels easily.