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Combine traditional and modern design elements with radiant floor heating

Thu, 07/25/2013 - 22:36

Potential homebuyers trying to get into the much-desired neighborhood of Mission Dolores are in for a treat. New condos have recently been built in the historic San Francisco community. 7X7, a location news and culture magazine covering the area, recently reported the new complex finally being completed. 
There are 13 new condo units going into a space that used to be a 1903 church that burned down in the 90s, according to the news source. Some of the characteristics of the original church will be incorporated into the design of the building, including the parsonage door for a front entrance. 
A radiant floor heating system allows the units to remain perfectly warm during cooler weather. The system is hidden underneath wide plank hardwood floors, which provides a warm glow to the rooms. A radiant floor heating system is the ideal answer for homeowners who wish to feel comfortable in a new house, yet don't want to pay for high utility bills. The energy-efficient technology is able to reduce the costs associated with keeping a home warm during winter months or chilly evenings. 
In addition, in metro areas where each square foot of a home comes with a hefty price tag, losing square footage to radiators or baseboard units is unacceptable. According to the news source, units are priced around $1,000 a square foot at this new condo complex. A radiant floor heating system doesn't take up any of the square footage of a home because it is located underneath the floorboards - leaving more space to move around and decorate without issue. With a radiant floor heating system, a homeowner does not have to work his or her interior design around radiators, vents or baseboards.