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Choosing the right floor for your bathroom

Tue, 01/17/2012 - 10:24

Choosing the right floor for a bathroom can be a difficult decision for homeowners, as they have to account for a type of flooring that is waterproof, one that doesn't get too cold and is aesthetically pleasing.

According to an article in HGTV, all of these considerations make the choice extremely difficult, as the best looking floor may not be able to withstand water or could become cold during the winter months.

A radiant heating system can be installed in a bathroom in order to eliminate one of the problems that many homeowners have in making their flooring choice. The technology can be placed under any type of covering, due to the fact that it is integrated into a subfloor that is placed beneath the respective type of floor.

This technology allows for a homeowner to adhere to the latest styles, while providing their guests with an experience of comfort when using the bathroom.

HGTV reported that some homeowners try to provide a warm floor in their bathroom by placing a rug down, but this can often get waterlogged and an abrasive odor may be created by the wet carpeting.

The article noted that there are certain types of carpet that may work in a bathroom, if the right research is done prior to making the purchase.

"However, all you need to do is make some careful choices," the author noted. "As long as your carpet is water-, mildew- and stain-resistant — with a backing that doesn't allow water to seep into the pad — you're good to go."

According to the news source, the right type of ceramic tile may also help to fix the waterproof issue, as specific brands offer a version of the floor covering that will not retain water.