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California home designed with international appeal

Thu, 05/23/2013 - 15:40

A couple in Venice, California, set their sights on building a home that is both eco-friendly and demonstrates their love of international design. The Los Angeles Times reports that Jonathon Ward and Jin Ah Park work for an international design firm and have traveled to countries like Thailand, Australia, Peru, Morocco and Mali. The couple wished to demonstrate their love of travel in a home. 
The news source reports that the 2,900-square-foot home Ward and Park built has been nicknamed the California Poppy House. This name comes from the poppy silhouette that has been cut into an aluminum box that visually floats on the second floor of the home. Additionally, the poppy is the California state flower. The home has been designed with California living in mind, but still evokes the feelings associated with other cultures. The three-bedroom, three-bathroom house has balconies built in styles associated with Morocco and floors that are seen in the UK. 
The house is not just designed with international styles in mind - it's also eco-friendly as well. A radiant floor heating system has been installed throughout the property. The sustainable solution fills the entire house with warmth without using excess heat. This ideal utility option is also popular in homes in Asia, where the couple fell in love with the technology. 
The pipes nestled under the floorboards of the house transfer the warmth in an efficient manner that reduces heat loss. The heating system also allowed the homeowners to keep the clean lines of the home intact for a modern and streamline look. Radiant floor heating is completely hidden from the homeowner's eye, yet completely effective at filling a house with relaxing heat.