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Boost comfort in a finished basement with radiant floor heating

Wed, 09/11/2013 - 15:31

Homeowners who are debating whether finishing their basement is the right decision may want to consider the value it will bring to a property. According to Remodeling Magazine, the average basement renovation costs $61,303 and adds $43,095 to the value of a property. This indicates at least a 70.3 percent return on the investment for a homeowner. 
However, the return on investment for finishing a basement also largely depends on the region the home is located in. Areas that are known for providing homeowners less square footage to work with, like New York City, allow individuals to benefit from a greater cost recoup. The New York Times reported that finishing a basement in New York City drastically impacts the value of the property.
"If you're selling a house in the city, you can't go wrong with a finished basement," Denise Cataudella, a vice president at Corcoran Group in Brooklyn, according to the news source. "Square footage is at a premium, and this kind of thing adds to a property's marketability." 
To improve the quality of the remodeled basement and increase time spent in this area, a homeowner can invest further in a radiant floor heating system. This eco-friendly technology not only provides consistent warmth delivery to maximize comfort, but it is also highly energy efficient. Heating a remodeled basement with radiant floor heating is more cost effective than other more traditional solutions. The technology allows heat to slowly rise from beneath the floors so that it rises throughout the space, but is most concentrated lower, so that people using the space are getting the most out of the warmth.