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Berkeley home boasts beautiful views and radiant floors

Thu, 11/15/2012 - 13:19

Potential homebuyers looking at the Berkeley housing market may want to consider a new luxury property that has hit the MLS listings. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that this home has sweeping views of the hills and other magnificent features.

The new, custom-built home sits on a private, double lot in the coveted Berkeley hills. Consequently, the secluded air of the entire property gives homeowners the opportunity to take in the magnificent views without feeling as if their neighbors can see right into the house. According to the news source, the foyer opens up into the living room with a vaulted ceiling and gives residents a view of the Berkeley hills.

The windows feature a special glaze to reduce heat transference, keep heating and cooling in and preventing ultra violet rays from penetrating the glass. Potential homebuyers looking for a high-quality, energy efficient house may find that this property is the ideal solution.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the home also comes with radiant heating. The warming technology is placed under the floors, which are beautiful English red oak. Placed throughout the entire home, the technology is an excellent heating solution for homeowners who desire energy efficiency, functionality, comfort and intrinsic beauty.

Without the ugly presence of heating vents or radiators, an interior designer was able to decorate the entire house in accordance to the desires of the homeseller without having to navigate around bulky equipment. In addition, the length of the English red oak floor is now able to cover the entire surface without interruption.

The property has four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms and 3,050 square feet of living space - all outfitted with radiant heating below the floors.