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Bathroom trends: From steam reduction to flooring

Mon, 08/06/2012 - 16:16

The bathroom has become one of the main areas that both homeowners and designers have focused on in recent years, as this spot in a residence has become increasingly important to family members and the real estate industry has done its best to keep up with the growing demand.
Since many people like to create a sauna-like atmosphere during cold winter months, often by keeping the hot water on for an extended period, steam and the prevalence of condensation in the room have become major issues for homeowners and designers.
This can lead to a waste in energy and can damage wallpaper, the fixtures for a mirror and can simply be an inconvenience to the person who has to use the bathroom following the individual that enjoyed the sauna-like experience.
iOL Lifestyle reported that the type of wallpaper that is used can have an impact on the damage that this excessive heat and condensation can have on the materials within a bathroom, but there may be other ways to fix this problem.
Part of the issue lies in the flooring that is used in the bathroom, as the cold tiles in many of these rooms often leads people to try this "steaming" in order to eliminate the freezing feeling that starts from their feet up.
Installing a radiant heating system in the bathroom would allow homeowners to solve quite a few problems, as the product would help to heat up the room without damaging the tiles, wallpaper or fixtures.
A sauna-like feeling could be easily achieved through using a radiant heating system, and the slimy feeling of a hot-water soaked room would be eliminated by using this method instead of keeping the hot water on for an excessive amount of time.