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Bathroom design tips: Designing from the floor up

Fri, 07/27/2012 - 13:14

Designing a bathroom is often something that homeowners like to avoid as long as possible, as this process can be extensive and expensive. However, if done right, this room can become the most comfortable place within a residence.
An article in the Toronto Star noted that the first step to designing a bathroom is to decide what type of flooring to use. Once this determination is made, along with the potential addition of radiant heating in the floor, the rest of the room will come together.
Radiant heating can make a bathroom a comfy haven for any individual, as it will provide them with a warm surface to walk upon in the morning instead of having to walk all over cold and unforgiving tiles.
While this may seem like a luxurious upgrade, the long-term benefits will outweigh any upfront costs and it does not add much of a headache in terms of the installation of the product.
According to the Star, if a homeowner has already "ripped up the floor" to begin the project, they might as well install radiant heating as a subfloor prior to choosing what type of covering they want for the room.
Once the floor is tackled, according to the article, one may want to look at what products they want to add around the room. Cabinetry can provide a homeowner with a way to occupy space as well as adding a significant amount of easy-to-access storage.
"If it’s basic cabinetry with a flat face on it, you can add panel moulding," Jill Maxwell, owner of Manor Interior Design, told the Star. "That gives it the look of a recessed panel and dresses it up."
The rest of the room may come together with a few other additions other than the necessary fixtures, as simplicity could be the best approach.