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Bamboo and cork flooring are compatible with radiant heating

Thu, 11/08/2012 - 15:40

Homeowners renovating their bathroom often consider the pros and cons of selecting one material for the flooring over another. The floors represent an opportunity to make a statement. Whatever material is chosen will be present throughout the entire room and can have a great impact on the design and ambiance of a space. Flooring is visual expansive and can either make or break a room's design.

Bamboo and cork are quickly gaining popularity due to their durability. According to Home and Garden TV, homeowners looking for environmentally friendly flooring options will enjoy knowing that the two tree-like, tropical grasses replenish themselves in the wild every few years – so the impact of harvesting the material is minimal.

In addition to their green properties, bamboo and cork are also highly durable and can withstand daily wear and tear.

"We chose bamboo for its warmth and durability," homeowner Nick Hodapp told the news source. "We installed all the flooring ourselves. The bamboo in the upstairs bath is nailed down; it took me about two hours with a rented floor nailer. The bamboo in the powder room is a floating floor where each piece is glued to the next. That took a while but the results are very nice."
Bamboo and cork are also compatible with a radiant heating system - a potential positive for homeowners looking to outfit their house with the latest in green technology. The gentle warmth rising from the surface can provide comfort to people who dislike stepping on cold floors in the morning as they get ready in the morning for work, school or to meet the day head on.