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Abundance of available green flooring options for homeowners

Tue, 01/10/2012 - 09:55

Rob Chewning, owner of the Behtlehem, Georgia-based Southern Woods showroom, has noticed an emerging trend over the past several years, as many of his customers are asking for "green" flooring options, according to an article by Angie Hicks of Angieslist.com.

The article noted that color choice is not the motivating factor, as homeowners are looking to combine both sustainability and quality into products that they are placing into their residence.

Products like radiant heating systems, which can be placed under any type of flooring due to its unique subfloor design, are being used by many homeowners to help reduce consumption levels, and this type of green movement is being duplicated in the world of floor coverings.

Chewning has noticed an increasing level of environmental consciousness in his customers, as many people have an idea of which green products that they want to use in their homes.

"We've had more informed customers come through our doors in the past five to seven years knowing what they're looking for and asking relevant questions," he told the news source.

Some customers need to use green products due to adverse reactions to other types of flooring, but others simply want to purchase locally-made or renewable coverings.

"There are two things you want to look at," Lisa Joss, a representative for California Carpet, told the news source. "Is it good for the home environment; the family so they're not breathing in these fumes or off gases? The other thing is: Are you being good to the Earth?"

A green floor covering and the use of radiant heating can help a homeowner limit the amount of waste that is generated by their residence, as the amount of energy used is reduced by the heater and recycled flooring helps to recycle materials.