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3 tips for opening up a small space

Thu, 12/19/2013 - 15:39

Contrary to the home-buying trend of purchasing a larger property previous to the housing bust and recession, now individuals are focusing on using smaller spaces more effectively. It's not hard to find a news story about an extreme and tiny home that folds up like a Rubik's Cube. While many people do want to decrease the operational expenses associated with owning a home, there are better ways to make a small space more usable and appear larger. By investing in a few different material solutions and changing a few habits, it's possible for a homeowner to make even the smallest room feel larger. 
1) Use light paint colors. Painting a room with dark colors is a fast way to suck all the light up in the space and make the room appear smaller. The best way to get color into a room, without using too dark of a shade is to consider tinted creams and whites. By adding a bit of blue, red, purple, green and more to a cream paint, a homeowner is able to get a touch of warmth and color - without overpowering a small room. 
2) Invest in radiant floor heating. By purchasing a radiant floor heating system, a homeowner is able to forgo having to place furniture around bulky radiators, baseboard units or vents. While vents don't typically take up much space, they can't be covered completely, which does impact the design of a room, and the other two delivery options can wreck havoc on a design. In addition to taking up less space, this utility option also promotes greater energy efficiency and decreased utility costs. The consistent delivery of warmth allows a homeowner to appreciate every moment in his or her home. 
3) Purchase vertical storage options. Creative storage ideas that travel up instead of out are a great way for a homeowner to maximize the space in a room. After all, it's not likely that the square footage near the ceiling of a room is being used for much, but each inch of the floors is certainly important. Storage doesn't have to be bland or unattractive, and with the right combination of accessories and finishes an entertainment center, shelving and even cabinets can add to the interior design of a room.