Reuse everything you can

Thu, 05/01/2014 - 10:30

Sustainability is a quality people are looking for more and more in today's world for all kinds of reasons. Not only does a sustainable house save the owners money, but it's usually a lot better for the environment too. People can achieve this goal by installing floor heating like energy-efficient radiant heaters to save on the cost of monthly bills, or they can incorporate recycled materials in their house to reduce their carbon footprint. Either way, an eco-friendly way of living is beneficial for everyone. With advancements in technology, the limit to sustainability is becoming more and more restricted to only people's imaginations.

Start with the house

The best place to start in reaching sustainable goals is at the inception of a new house. Beginning even before the foundation is laid can make a big difference when you're trying to build the most energy-efficient and cost-effective home you can. Along with choosing the right location for construction, choosing the materials the building will be made up of can have great consequences that will affect your time there for years to come.

Houses don't have to be made from new materials all the time, but every bit helps. Incorporating recycled resources not only will lower costs during the construction process, but they'll prevent the demand for more materials to be created. People build houses out of all kinds of things, such as storage containers and repurposed wood. Urban Office Architecture has designed a house they call the "Aviator's Villa" using salvaged airplane parts, according to Inhabitat. The style is meant to copy the motions of a rising plane by deviating from the sleek look of airplanes to implement sharp angles and shapes.

The house is made up of three main spaces featuring a living room, kitchen and bedroom with a winding staircase that reveals hidden spaces around the building, reported Urban Office Architecture. The whole course of the building is meant to represent the movements a plane makes as it navigates through the air.

Furnish with recycled decorations

When you're outfitting your house, you're presented with a great number of opportunities to show off your creativity with decorations. Instead of the typical posters and furniture, using materials to create something unique can provide some of the best adornments.

It doesn't matter if you're looking for something minimalistic or sophisticated, materials constantly cast aside can be recycled. Sometimes simple pieces of discarded wood can be used to harness a lack of space. At BKLYN Designs 2014, an artist called Elkamii will showcase wooden shelves that look as if they are floating on the wall that are made out of random lumber scraps. This waste has been repurposed to provide a stylish solution for a common storage problem in smaller homes.

Even some of the more odd materials can be transformed into distinct decorations in the right hands. Coby Kennedy has found a way to take street signs found around New York and morph them into ornaments that would be found inside an urban castle. Inspired by the gentrification of old neighborhoods, Kennedy has created medieval weapons and shields to decorate walls by cutting and welding them together, reported Inhabitat. Kennedy's work is recognizable for what it really is, but abstract enough to symbolize a time that's not quite now.

There are many different designs, materials and ideas that can be used to transform your house into a sustainable building, but that also sets it apart from all the others. Doing so will not only save you money, but it will express your core beliefs and style for all the world to see.