Make use of your space

Wed, 04/02/2014 - 12:39

In the search for a fully sustainable home, many designs have grown smaller to reduce their footprint on the environment. Incorporating this idea in construction and everyday life paves the way for a more efficient way of living. Technology, such as radiant heaters or solar panels, can help us in this quest for a green house. Despite its benefits, electric floor heating can't do anything to make you cozy in a tiny living space except keep you warm. Designers have to get creative to discover ways to optimize all the space available and make a small room comfortable for anyone inhabiting it.

Behold the Living Cube

Till Konneker, a designer from Switzerland, has come up with a solution for people looking to get some extra room in a small apartment with what he calls a Living Cube. According to Home DSGN, Konneker came up with the idea after moving into a studio apartment that severely lacked storage space. He needed room for all of his stuff, including a TV and his vinyl record collection. Buildings themselves don't offer much adaptability, but furniture can be made to conform to your requirements. You can work with what you're given to find a solution that best accommodates your surroundings, but still gives you a feeling a tranquility you can call home.

On the product's official website, Konneker said, "The idea was born out of a personal need to counteract the confinements of a conventional home with one simple and multifunctional design that will cover several different needs. The 'Living Cube' can be adjusted to anybody's personal needs."

Multipurpose furniture

Inhabitat reported that the Living Cube is made up of a series of shelves, a clothing railing, a space for a large TV up to 42 inches across and even a bed on top, which Konneker uses for guests. Behind the shelves opens up into a small room allowing even more storage in the form of another closet or even a personal office. The room within a room can be purposed for anything you could think of. The Cube can fit in most rooms, making it an ideal solution to many people's space problems and is customizable to fit different people's needs with options for bed railings, lights and USB ports for charging electronics.

Not only do you have your choice of color with black, white or natural wood, but there are multiple sizes, and you can even have one built to an individual design that works better for your living arrangement. The whole piece can be easily disassembled to be moved whenever needed, adding further to the products flexibility.

When you effectively manage the space in your home and utilize modern innovations in technology, you can live life to the fullest while having a minimal negative impact on the world around you. Your house doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg, and engaging in smart practices ensures you keep costs down.