A home in a silo

Fri, 04/18/2014 - 08:30

In the quest to create a sustainable house, many people repurpose old materials for construction. That, coupled with modern advancements in technology like radiant heating or solar panels, can aid homeowners in conserving resources and money during the time spent there, but you can cut costs with options in addition to heated flooring.

It's not a new idea to take a storage container and transform it into a house, as the possibilities have been explored by many people, as reported by Popular Mechanics. However, two brothers in Missouri did things a little differently when they took the old silo on their farm and turned it into a cabin, according to Jetson Green. Their initiative was brought on by an aspiration to take something being left to rot away and make it into something useful. The cabin is located only a few hours from their main house so it won't make much of a vacation spot, but it's an escape nonetheless.

They used the old support beams taken from a nearby collapsed barn as steps leading up to the second level of the silo cabin. Tin from the old building's roof was used to separate rooms in the silo and stones from the barn's foundation were put to use as flooring. Dry wall panels were used to cover the outer walls, but the original tin dividers were left, providing a nice contrast within the cabin. There's only one door which also acts as the only window in the cabin. The silo is now fitted with running water, heat and kitchen appliances, but because most of the building materials were on-site and a lot of the labor was done by the creators, cost for this repurposed real estate was extremely low. With enough imagination, recycled materials can make all kinds of unique living spaces while saving the planet's natural resources.