Heating your pools on the cool summer nights

Thu, 05/29/2014 - 12:39

One of the best things about summer is the day you get to uncover the pool and the night you get to jump into the warm water. After heating in the hot sun all day, pools retain much of the heat throughout the night, which makes swimming a 24-hour activity. However, once you get out, what was once a comfortable climate has become shockingly cool. Even the ground by the pool seems freezing in those first moments.

There's a way homeowners can make sure the sides of their pools are kept warm no matter what time of year it is. Radiant heat allows a surface to absorb generated heat directly, and this technology can be applied to the entire ground surrounding your pool.

No more cold feet

Even in the winter, radiant heaters can warm the patios, porches and other outdoor areas of your house. This is especially beneficial to homeowners with pools or hot tubs. People can enjoy their pools at any time of the day, as any radiant heat flooring allows them to hop out of the water, wrap up in a towel and relax, all without worrying about the temperature.

You can even use your pool further into the chilling months than ever before. As the climate around you cools down and summer begins to fade, you'll be able to enjoy your outdoor space thanks to the warm flooring, which applies heat directly to your toes.

A cleaner solution for your pool

Radiant heaters greatly reduce your energy bill by requiring less to heat more. They don't warm the air only for it to quickly dissipate, which can be a considerable problem outdoors. The process is as natural as the sun warming a sidewalk, only the heaters are your sun at night. 

Radiant heaters are a much more sustainable method for warming the outdoor areas of a house. Their efficiency allows them to use less energy to heat only the spaces needed, according to Scientific American, unlike other alternatives that usually have to fill entire rooms with hot air first to make a difference.

Some people want to be able to enjoy their pool or hot tub at any time of day. Those sudden urges to jump into the pool at night after a particularly sticky day can easily be overcome when you don't have to worry about the chilly aftermath.